Four types of mini sites where you can create and make money


Mini-sites are growing throughout the network, because they are very easy to set up and quickly provide a stream of passive income. You can become a webmaster in a couple of weeks and learn how to create many mini-sites for fun or for profit.

A mini-website is a two-page or three-page website designed for a specific purpose: either sell something, get a subscription, or make money as a partner for someone else.

There are four types of mini-sites that you can create without knowing any code that can bring you four different income streams on the Internet.

1, Creating a “1-page” advertising mini-site. Obviously, this is the first type of site that you think about. The main goal of the 1-page sales letter mini-site is to sell your own product, be it an e-book, some kind of software or a multimedia product. When you're done, your mini-site will contain your sales letter page and your order page, where people can download the product they just purchased. If you already have templates from these two, you can create your own mini-site in 10 minutes.

2. Creating a mini-site "Affiliate Showcase". The Affiliate Showcase mini-site is an organized page where you offer a list of products that people can buy. A partner is a place where you advertise someone's product, and when someone buys it, thanks to your advertising you get a percentage. Products that you recommend to your potential customers should be related to each other. For example, if you work in the health and fitness industry, you will recommend a weight loss book or a good guide to fitness equipment. You can include private sites to get a trainer and / or a specific fitness program.

3. Creating a “simple newsletter” mini-site Newsletters serve several purposes. The newsletter will help you position yourself as an expert, help you gain trust and mutual understanding. Creating a simple news mini-site has only one goal: to get as many subscribers as possible. When you position yourself as an expert in various issues of your newsletters that you send out every week, two weeks, or even every month, you can recommend products or services related to your market niche. This is how you create another source of income through newsletters or marketing in Ezine.

4. Creating a mini-site "About Me". The mini-site "About Me" is just a site where you tell the world about yourself and your interests. On this page you will install links to your products or newsletters to your partner’s products. By getting traffic to this type of website, you can convert people into buyers and get another income stream on the Internet.

You do not need to know programming. You do not need to be a computer fan, buy expensive software or pay huge money to a webmaster. With professional-looking templates, you can set up a mini-website with graphics, headlines and a mini-advertising letter in about 3 hours. If you want to develop a more sophisticated mini-site with a long advertising letter, attractive graphics, powerful headlines and a subscription that will help you create crazy leads, you will spend 2-3 days.

Copyright 2005 Emmanuel Segui