How Violence Can Save Your Life


Self-defense is basically a defense. Now, before answering, “DUH”, listen to me. Defense is what you need to not become a goal. And, if you become a target, you will do what is needed to avoid becoming a victim. But, when this terrible time comes, when you hit the target, and you cannot escape the victim, then self-defense about offends .

Three self-defense units:

  1. do not become targets
  2. to avoid a victim
  3. if necessary, use violence to quickly disable an attacker

] 1. There are several ideas on how not to become elected as a victim of a violent criminal. Act as if you are confident, confident in your strength, and aware of your surroundings. Stand up straight with your shoulders back (without getting stuck) and look at people in the eyes. Do not look at them, but look at them so that they know that you really see them. It requires you to look at your smartphone and look around. Walk as with purpose, not with indecision and / or aimlessness. Another idea is to eliminate or at least reduce any risky behavior. Avoid walking alone in a zero dark thirty or with this shortcut through an alley or wooded path.

Many victims of violent crime have risky social habits, such as caring for someone they just met, drank too much, or used drugs. Knowing and avoiding risky conditions and risky behavior will reduce your chances of being attacked by a violent criminal.

2. Avoiding becoming a victim is in itself. Learning to become more aware of your environment is a big first step in prevention. But awareness is only the first step. Knowing what you need to know (what you need to focus on) is a real skill. Understanding what is normal and abnormal for any location / situation in which you find yourself is invaluable. You want to know everything that doesn't seem “right.” Things that make you feel uncomfortable. Then remove yourself from these possible threats.

Of course, there are people who simply cannot be victims. They have to “save face” because their ego has arrived. Someone turns them off on the highway, drops them or says something "off color". These things make some people become emotional, evil, and vindictive. This is a very dangerous reaction, because you don’t know what the “criminal” can do if everything gets worse. When something like this happens, you need to ask yourself whether the situation is worth going to prison, going to the hospital or even dying. When someone insults you, instead of “pushing back”; go away, no matter how difficult it is. I strongly recommend that you find out where your “line in the sand” is, which cannot be crossed. This line should have much in common with personal security, not just with the ego cooked.

3. When, however, this line in the sand was crossed, and your personal safety is now at risk, the time has come to commit a crime. Violence is rarely the answer, but when he is the answer is the answer only . To survive in the attack, you need to learn how to completely dominate, destroy and disable the attacker as quickly as possible. I can't stress this enough. When someone decides to be cruel to you in order to save himself, you must be able to be cruel and aggressive towards them in return.

“How do we develop an aggressive response? I think the answer is indignation … Your answer, if it is attacked, should not be fear, it should be anger . “~ Jeff Cooper

Reacting to your assailant with violence, aggression and anger can just save your life.

Your attacker (s) will most likely be bigger, stronger and faster than you, so don’t fight their strength. Just find a weak spot (or two) and focus on injuries, and injure him / her . Eyes, nose, throat, knees and groin are almost all weak points. In fact, the most difficult thing is to flip the tables on your attacker (from my training and experience), is that you can do it; believing that you you can use methods and believe that you can deliver them with the help of violence necessary for their effective use.

The methods that I teach are not so difficult to learn or do. This obligation to be cruel when necessary that requires work for some people. Therefore, when you practice self-defense methods, do not forget to also practice violence … on training dummies (BOB), heavy bags, bags with a kick and, if you are lucky, a willing learning partner. Remember that the offensive part of self-defense is only used when the attacker has crossed the linear sand.

While having the right equipment on hand is great, a trainer who can help you in the process of becoming violent when necessary is invaluable. So look for one in your locality, and when you find a coach who understands the three parts of self defense, work with him / her as often as you can.

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Be safe!