Living a full and happy life with fibromyalgia


Three to six million Americans have fibromyalgia, a long, muscular, painful condition, and ninety percent of those who suffer from this are women. That is, every 73 people have a disease. Living with fibromy can be like a knot tied in your garden hose. Everything flows normally, when suddenly the flow of life slows to a trickle, and the joy dries up. Living with constant pain leads to the fact that some become prisoners in their homes and even their beds. Others pull them through daily routines with soreness and fatigue as regular companions. The intensity and range of symptoms may vary depending on weather conditions, hormonal cycles, stress levels and emotional states.

Before making a diagnosis, sufferers often fear that they have something life-threatening with them that no one can find or fix.

After spending many years following the cause of my ever-changing pain, I finally realized that I did not imagine this, I did not die from something terrible, and I was going to do this for a long time. In fact, it was a relief to finally find out what causes a lot of unusual symptoms. Having a name for my pain gave me the motivation to start research, dialogue with others who have been doing longer than me and experimenting with various methods, remedies and life changes to try to find the answer to my many questions. Along the way, I found some absolutes that made the difference between life satisfying and fulfilling life, and giving the future to an illness that avidly accepted everything you need.

1. SLEEP – it is absolutely necessary to have a good sleep on your body in order to do what is necessary to restore and restore muscles and tissues. Sleep is often ghostly, with pain often awake fibrosis at night. I have tried many different bed types, including Swedish foam and adjustable mattresses, but not a single bed was the perfect solution. Then I explored the dream. Through research, I have found that sleep aids can be addictive and have side effects that can cause additional difficulties. But products containing Benadril allow you to sleep through the pain with fewer wakefulness cases. Benadril has no side effects, but the user needs to experiment with the dosage to prevent morning rumble or hangover. If Tylenol PM is used, the tables can be cut in half or even a third. Tylenol products should be used sparingly so as not to cause liver problems.

2. Diet The food you eat will determine how well you feel. If you feed your body with processed, non-nutritious foods, it will not receive the nutrients necessary to combat drainage, a complex condition. It is tempting to satisfy yourself when you feel bad, but chocolate and potato chips will not build a healthy body. In addition, the weight that you get from snacking on junk will cause more stress on the already painful joints and muscles. Make the decision to fill your tank with premium fuel. You will do this for your car if the dealer says you need to avoid costly problems and repairs. When you eat in a store, avoid going to the market and stick to products along the walls. There you will find your fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products. Build your diet with natural items, non-supplemented things, artificial sugars and unhealthy fats. Most likely, this may be a lifestyle change for you, but he lives with fibromyalgia. If it affects your quality of life, is it worth trying?

3. STRESS. Most of the people I know with fibromy are perfectionists, or, to speak more favorably, they want to do everything possible. They have high hopes for themselves and are very concerned about how others see them. To enjoy life, you need to come to terms with your perfectionism. He comes in, giving himself permission to say no. I found that I can actually use fibrosis to help me with this. When someone asks me to do something that I know will lead to stress in my life or an overflow of my schedule, I tell them that I can't, or I will end up getting sick. It gives me a legitimate no reason that I really want to say, but not because I feel that I allow others. I also learn that I have to choose what I want to do carefully. Even fun activities can leave me dealing with stress and pain if I do too much or they need more than I can give at that time. You need to learn to recognize the signs of stress in your body and the places where your pain begins. Let them be a signal bell, signaling that it is time to slow down. Learn to free yourself from what others may think of you. Their opinions will be of little value when you find yourself on a bed, because you are trying too hard to please. You may be perfect. or you can be healthy. You are the one who must make a choice. Choose well.

4. EXERCISE – I know. Nobody wants to train when they hurt. I spent 2 years without physical activity, hoping that the pain will decrease when I do nothing. Instead, I was weak, my muscular tone was deteriorating, like an elderly man, and still sick. I returned to the training group and found inspiration from the fifth pensioner who put me to shame. She shared her story about recovering from a hostage of fibrosis in a mini-power plant with the help of medicines and exercise. She refused to surrender and restored her life. I recommend a preliminary exercise plan that allows your body to move without overdoing it. A good way to start is gentle stretching or water exercises. Sometimes when you start building up strength, try other actions. For a year and two months, I switched from simple exercises to preparing for a 5 km race. You can get your body back.

5. DEATH AND ENJOY. Crying, nagging, and fearing the future will not change your fibrous symptoms for the better. But laughter just might. If you need to live with fibroids, then live well. You could spend your life mourning the fates that brought fiber into your life, or you can decide to live your life in spite of that. Do not let fibroam rejoice from you. This is not the end of your life. This is just another obstacle along the way. Living with fibromyalgia is a balancing game. You balance what you really need to do with what makes you happy. This is an experiment in which you learn about yourself every day what is draining you and what is refreshing you. Give yourself permission to smile, relax, play again. Dreams Dreams. Take a hobby, make a bucket list, and then slowly, follow your dreams. Learning to live life to the full is learning to know yourself, accepting yourself with all your weaknesses and gifts, and then giving yourself permission to live and live well.