Profitable autopilot plan – the secrets of automatic money


If you search Google for “autopilot income,” you will receive hundreds of thousands of sites in return. It says two things: you will find many people who believe that they can make money easily, and you will find many people who want to make money automatically. Usually there may be people who want to earn money without doing any work, and simply because of this, there will probably usually be people who want to exploit such people. Not surprisingly, many, if not most, of the websites that appear in search of "autopilot income" are simply frauds. If you send them cash for advertising, you will probably get information about the non-working income process, otherwise you will simply be torn off.

In a sense, really make money on autopilot. It does not make it worse that you can earn money without doing any work; it simply means that you can make money using a process that does not require you to concentrate on it around the clock. Such a system is absolutely possible.

So how do you make money 24 hours a day working on yourself?

The secret lies in two things – affiliate marketing and the development of an effective mailing list. Affiliate marketing is really a program in which someone is paid for advertising or marketing a product created by someone else. The retailer of the product attracts sellers or affiliates to advertise their goods in exchange for a portion of the sale price for each sale. For each individual employee persuades to buy goods, he gets a percentage. Affiliate marketing is popular on the Internet, and some large corporations, such as Amazon and eBay, have affiliate marketing programs and sell thousands of affiliates for them.

To automate the sales creation process, you can develop a website to promote products that need to be advertised. You can just talk about the product or service on the site and offer people a link to buy, but research has shown that most people do not just hurry and buy something. Here is where the email list comes into play. Efficient entrepreneurs take another step forward and provide their website visitors with additional information about their product or service in exchange for the visitor's email address. When the website owner has a visitor's email address, he can email the visitor several emails that tell in more detail about the product. Consistency is the key to results; the more people learn about something, the more likely they are to buy it.

And the beauty of this component is that you can automate the list of subscribers using what is called an answering machine. By registering with companies such as Aweber or GetResponse, you can “download” e-mail messages to your account, which are delivered to people regardless of the time of their subscription. You can even program your answering machine to automatically send a series of messages within days or weeks.

By creating several different websites promoting various products, all with programmed autoresponder messages, you can, of course, get paid 7 days a week or, as the popular phrase says, "on autopilot".