Retirement: A New Life Phase


Retirement is not the end, but a new life for those who have been workaholics throughout their lives, and thought that their free time would be devoted to their hobbies and interests, but could not fulfill their dreams because of their busy schedule. . This is a special stage of life, like most post-retirement people, prefer to perform tasks that remain unfulfilled. Some are pursuing new businesses just to get mental relief, while a large number of retirees want to lead a healthy and active life with a good source of income. Therefore, in priority order, they begin life anew. Retirement can be a turning point for such people, as they can think of new and better ideas to spend their lives in their own way.

. After leaving work, people usually choose new jobs of their choice only to fulfill their old passions, which they could not fulfill due to the innumerable limitations of the maintenance period. They may prefer to revive old friendships and strengthen old relationships that have been forgotten. Some people choose writing jobs, while some go into new business activities. Some of them want to spend quality time with their family through a great vacation. Maintaining good health can be one of the goals of retired people in order to remain mentally and physically, so that they can lead a more active and energetic life. Social work / political participation is one of the aspirations of many people who they do not perform during the service period. They can revive such activities with great enthusiasm after retirement. They not only contribute to the society, but also provide mental assistance and inviolability in satisfying old desires.

Leading life in its own way requires strategic planning and the right decisions. Due to the lack of proper planning and decision-making, the life of a pensioner is full of discomfort and unnecessary frustration. The money he accumulates with sincere efforts in his life can faint without thoughtful planning. Sometimes retirees face catastrophic consequences that can lead to total disappointment and isolation, which makes them frustrated. In many cases, it turned out that pensioners live in poor condition due to the ignorance and careless behavior of their children.

The life of a graceful and respectful life in retirement is a matter of serious concern and requires careful analysis. A retiring person should try to come up with a better future planning only in order to accomplish what remains unfulfilled and is not taken into account. For rainy days, there must be a solid financial strategy to avoid unnecessary dependence on children and relationships. Proper future life security is inevitable, which is possible with a secure financial base. They should not engage in additional / undesirable social actions / obligations in order to obtain a reliable financial position for their health and other necessities. Re-employment after retirement may be the best option for living an energetic life. Thus, retirement can be a blessing, as well as a curse, if proper planning is not done in advance for the future.