Why life is too complicated and complicated


When was the last time you fought the situation? When was the last time you had trouble writing, talking, or even breathing? The obstacles we have in our lives show us who we really are. At such moments, the world sees what is really inside us. Everything that blocks our path, in fact, represents a new path with the new part revealed by us. Obstacles make us know what to do next.

Obstacles make us stronger and tougher. Even if it is difficult, but we can see it in a different light and decide to do something. This gives us a chance to have the courage to improve our situation, our world and ourselves. This helps us to consider our priorities in a different perspective. It also forces us to do something purposeful. When we know what we are really going to do, the obstacles that appear are more compact and more manageable.

We cannot distinguish between obstacles worthy of our time, and those that are not, if we do not accept them as part of the weaving of life. Each challenge looks like a massive mountain that we have to raise. But as soon as we are decisive and stubborn, suddenly most of our obstacles are reduced.

Obstacles make us more creative. Only in the fight against obstacles that have forced others to abandon, can we end up in untreated territory. As soon as we persist and resist, we can learn that others are too impatient to be taught.

It also helps us find meaning in our lives. There is an event itself and a story that we tell ourselves about what it means. You will not have time to think about your sufferings, because there are other people who are suffering, and you are too focused on them. It gives us the opportunity to change our lives. We need to overestimate our existence. And at the same time, we have the opportunity to make changes in our lives, if we dare to do this.

If what is a playing field for us, what does not depend on us are the rules and conditions of the game. The biggest, worst obstacles in life are natural disasters, economic depressions and untimely death. It reminds us of something that is easy to forget – how little we have control over most things in life. But in one breath we are reminded of the only thing that we control: our reaction.

These obstacles remind us of the importance of removing what is happening to us from how we react. When we internalize this, we can achieve a higher level of inner peace, which allows us to love our obstacles more.

As soon as we embrace it, all other obstacles are minimized than impossible. And finally, we can focus our efforts on obstacles that we can surpass.